Growth Track

All Believers' Discipleship

The following courses are especially designed for the discipleship and growth of every believer in Jesus to become a true reproducing disciple of Christ.
Victorious Christianity
A 24 lesson study on the spiritual foundation of the life of every believer including repentance, faith, water baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, and other basic Christian disciplines.
A 24 lesson study of the basic disciplines of the Christian life intended to strengthen and deepen the believer producing a true, reproducing disciple of Christ.
Prayer & Personal Bible Study
A 12 lesson exploration of two key disciplines in the life of every believer coupled with a study of the basic tools and methods for studying the Bible particularly as it pertains to the personal devotional life of the believer.
A 12 lesson study designed to equip the believer with tools needed to become more effective in communicating the Gospel and building bridges to those who do not know Christ.
Life Management I - Discovering Destiny
A 12 lesson study designed to lead you on a journey of discovering God’s will and purpose for your life and how your life fits into God’s eternal purpose.
Life Management II - Achieving Destiny
A 12 lesson study focusing on managing the resources of your life to achieve your destiny—including goal setting, organization, and time & money management.
Life Management III - Work & Destiny
A 12 lesson study focusing on how your life’s work or career can lead to living a life of significance, glorifying God, and fulfilling God’s agenda (eternal purpose).
Family Issues
A 24 lesson survey of family relationships, roles, and responsibilities from a biblical viewpoint including marriage, divorce, parenting, grand-parenting, blended families, and the ministry of the family.
Social Roles & Relationships
A 12 lesson study exploring our relationships with God, government, parents and peers with a special emphasis on cultivating friendship relationships, dating, courtship and marriage.
Ministering to Personal Needs
A 12 lesson study dedicated to equipping the believer to minister to people in personal areas including salvation, water baptism, baptism of the Spirit, healing, and basic counseling.